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Scope’s Key Features and Benefits

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Interactive Studies

Engage with real-life case studies and interactive learning tools on your community platform for a comprehensive understanding of medical concepts

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Community Collaboration

Collaborate with the medical community, professors, and fellow students to share knowledge and insights, fostering a collaborative learning environment

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Enhanced Teaching

As a professor, use Scope to create an interactive engaging learning experience for your students on your own channel 

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Real-World Relevance

Case studies simulate real-life scenarios, helping students develop the clinical reasoning skills they need for their future careers

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Your Community Platform

Scope is an interactive e-learning platform for medical students and professors to share their knowledge and experience by authoring and sharing interactive case studies. There is also a library of curated case studies, community discussion forums, and content creation tools that make authoring and publishing easy and fun. The platform aims to revolutionize medical education by making learning more engaging, collaborative, and relevant to real-world practice

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Hours worth of clinical simulations

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Our Story

Scope began its career as a unique EMR that anticipated everything a practitioner was about to do, to speed their productivity and automate note writing and orders. ​

We must credit the physicians at Dartmouth Health who during early prototype testing  pointed out Scope’s ability to be their students’ ‘virtual preceptor’. By anticipating actions, Scope also taught students the correct steps.

And so, we produced the student edition of Scope, adding case studies and knowledge resources.

Scope SE has now evolved into a free community forum where interactive case studies are authored and shared, turning Scope SE into the greatest tool available for speed of learning and retention of knowledge. ​

Scope SE debuted in the early summer of 2024.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA


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